About the bare bones mommy

I’m pretty bare bones. I’ll give it to you like it is, in the raw, no BS.

I live on top of a mountain in Humboldt County California. Thanks for asking, but, no, I don’t grow dope. I have three kids and a husband whose job is overseas, so sometimes I’m a single mother, and sometimes I’m not. The non-human members of our family include several cats, dogs, horses, and 27 hens. They all generate stories — the mountaintop, the kids, definitely the chickens. I’ll put them here because it makes me feel good. Let’s call it…blog therapy.

In mid-July 2015, my life took a big turn. My two-year old was diagnosed with leukemia. So now my blog includes stories of our life in Humboldt, our previous life in Indonesia, and a new life helping Tristan fight his battle.


4 thoughts on “About the bare bones mommy

  1. Hi Toni,

    My parents forwarded the link to your blog and I LOVED it! I totally related to it and it made me miss you, even though we’ve only met once 🙂 Keep up the great work–I will keep following.


  2. I love your posts. will you be at Chris this Saturday? We(crystal and I) have not been to SF and I haven’t seen Chris in a about 3-4 years.
    What is Gary doing job wise now? You guys have certainly lived a cool life so far. I think you should put a book together. I am hooked on your stories and writing style. You may need to drop the F bombs if you decide to write children’s books


  3. Hi Toni, Gary forwarded your blog to me. I am one of those that do keep Gary travelling back and forth between Indonesia and home, hopefully not too much time away. I just want to say that I love reading the entries both tearing up and laughing through it. Thank you so much for sharing! Cherie


  4. Hi Toni – thinking of you, Tristan and your family – always in my thought and prayers…love reading your blog – much love, Donna, your old babysitter from P-ton, NJ


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